The Farm War Alliance is a group of over 600+ (and climbing higher every day) clans whose primary goal is to match against each other in arranged wars. Our focus is to be able to harvest the free loot generated by the Clash system, easy stars and generous clan XP. Provided your clan’s weight, composition and start is done correctly, 96% of the time your clan will be matched with another FWA clan.

FWA (Farm War Alliance) consists of clans that range in weight from 4.0M to 7.2M

Please NOTE: FWA admins will NEVER ask for leadership or promotion in your clan. Do not promote ANYONE you do not know who claims to be in the FWA.



We will let you win!
All we ask is that you leave as many Town Hall and storages outside your defenses as possible. The idea is that this is a win-win system with YOUR clan as the big winner. You will add another war win to your war stats, have all of our loot and the full war bonus. You are very likely to do this with a minimum amount of troops spent.


A: FWA has a unique points system that determines who takes the win between the two clans:


A: Provided your clan’s weight, composition and war start time is done correctly, 96% of the time your clan will be matched with another FWA clan.

A: All FWA clans have their location set to Lesotho and “💎FWA💎” somewhere in their description. Also, there is an official list of all FWA clans:

A: The losing clan takes 40% of the war win bonus while the winning clan takes 100% of the bonus. An average player will take home about 2 million gold and elixir and 10k dark elixir on a winning war. On a losing war, an average player can take around 500k gold and elixir and 2.5k dark elixir. Clan level and player TH have an impact in these numbers

A: The buildings should be separated from all defenses and traps. Tutorial and screenshots of how your base should look are here:

A: All FWA clans use an app called “BAND”. It is available on both the Google Playstore and on Apple iTunes.

Android Users: Download BAND for Android

Apple iOS Users: Download BAND for iOS

You can also use BAND in a web browser without downloading any software, just visit:

A: In Clash of Clans, search under location Lesotho, visit the “Proud clans of FWA”, or visit: ​

A: If your clan is just getting started  in the process of joining FWA, we highly encourage you to visit our Band Community chat at:

This is a great resource and contains everything you need to know as well as live helpers to address your questions directly:

If you feel your clan is ready to begin the transition to FWA, visit:

A: We highly encourage anyone with questions to join our Band Community chat at:


You can contact our admin team by email at:

Or Join Us directly on BAND for the fastest response