FWA Rules​

Here at FWA, we are a family and you are expected to treat your fellow reps with respect. We do not tolerate rude behavior, hate speech or sexual harassment of any kind.

Poaching is not allowed.

Do NOT share Sync Time with non FWA reps or outside of our sync BAND.

Keep your bases correct, no one wants to face bad bases. Clans with multiple base errors can be sanctioned up to and including removal from FWA.

Each clan should have 2-4 representatives (leader or co leaders) one of which must speak English, in our BAND where we communicate.

All clans must set their location to Lesotho and add [💎FWA💎] to their description. This does not help matching but it helps with identifying each other and recruiting. 

For the complete list of FWA rules please see the Official FWA Guide: